Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Authentic wrap jacket from the movie FIGHT CLUB and a SIGNED, FIRST EDITION copy of the book, Fight Club, given to us by author Chuck Palahniuk!

One of the amazing prizes up for auction at this year's benefit: An authentic, original wrap jacket from the set of the movie FIGHT CLUB! This jacket was given to us by the author of FIGHT CLUB, Chuck Palahniuk. This jacket was only given to a handful of people associated with the film including Brat Pitt, Edward Norton, Meat Loaf, and of course Chuck Palahniuk, as a wrap gift from the film's director David Fincher, at the film's completion in 1998. The "Rules of Fight Club" are sewn on the inside of the jacket. Chuck has also donated a signed FIRST EDITION hardcover copy of FIGHT CLUB (these are impossible to find!) and a personalized letter of authenticity. Don't miss your chance to have a piece of film history, from bestselling author Chuck Palahniuk.


  1. Is this available through online auction as well?

  2. Yes! We are taking online pre-bids. Please email for more information. Thanks!